Trip Report: Rattlesnake Lake

Location Econfina Section Florida Trail (Rattlesnake Lake Site)

State: Florida
Miles: 10
Days: 2
Type: In and Out

I just returned from an overnight backpacking trip to Rattlesnake Lake. This trip was an effort to reach other backpacking enthusiast in the area and get them together. I posted information about this trek and made some phone calls and ended up with three of us and K.C. along for the trip. The hiking was roughly five miles in and five miles out. The trip was a success.

I have scheduled another 18 mile trip for next weekend. At this point we have roughly six people tentatively signed up for the trek. This is a lot of fun and provides a venue for folks with similar interests and passions to get to know one another and gain experience. It also provides a venue for those with little to no experience to try out backpacking and to learn and gain experience by traveling with backpacking with some more experienced folks.

This past weekend’s trip did encompass some very cold temps. K.C. was not accustomed to the cold temps and I could feel him shivering in the tent next to me. I spent much of last night with my bag unzipped and my arm and a portion of my bag over K.C. I also took my fleece jacket and laid it across K.C. to give him as much warmth as possible. My bag is not very roomy and I spent a cold night myself with the bag unzipped trying to share warmth with my big ole shaggy red dog. My efforts seemed to help as he stopped shivering.

All in all the weekend was a great success. The two guys that accompanied me are both retired and seem to have both been seeking friends to backpack with. They both exchanged contact info and will probably be doing some extended hikes together as they are both retired and enjoy spending time on the trail.

The success and friendships garnered on this trip made it a rousing success for me. It is my goal to start a trekking/adventure club with open invitation trips of variable difficulties. I am hoping, and it looks like it is going to, that this thing will snowball with other members taking some intitiative to plan some trips too.

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