Press Pictures: CopyrightThe internet revolution has changed the internet experience since the discovery of fiber optic cables. Fiber technology is fast replacing the cable internet because of various reasons. Upgrading to fiber optic internet is the best way to enhance your internet experience.

  • Speed

The rate of data transfer using the fiber optic cable is unmatched with that of cable. The optic uses the principle of light to move date with high speed. Unlike cables that rely on copper conduction to bring you data, optic cables are certainly the answer behind your slow internet.

  • Less interference

The rate of date interference using fiber optic is zero. The electromagnetic interference in cable internet is not experienced in fiber optic. The interference causes havoc in internet speed. Fiber optic has nothing to do with interference

  • Reliable

Have ever wondered your internet gets slower in the evening when everyone connected? Well, the answer may be upgrading to fiber optic internet. It has sufficient bandwidth and reliable. The optic cable does not require any current traveling through the core. Mostly cables are unreliable as relying on current to push data through reducing reliability.

  • Security

It’s practically impossible for some to tap into the fiber optic cable and compromise the safety of your information. The data carried on the optic cable is in light form and has to be converted back to reaching the destination. Cables are more vulnerable to vandalism, unlike fiber optics.

  • Cost

The initial installation cast may be slightly high for installation of fiber optic cable. The maintenance of cables is certainly higher. Fiber cables do not easily break down and do not break down and less prone to damage. Therefore, maintenance cost is lower.

  • No attenuation

The further you are from the service station the weaker the signal in cable internet. It results from the loss of data signal in the copper wires along depending on the location. The fiber optic cables do not suffer attenuation. The location or distance from the service provider is unlikely to reduce your internet speed.

Therefore enjoy the highest speeds by upgrading to fiber optic internet and change your internet experience by visiting The fiber optic internet has several more advantages like video streaming, online gaming, and other high-speed internet requirements not possible with cable internet. It easy to install fiber optic internet and also guarantees an improved date security.