Kansas City Entrepreneur Patrick Kucera To Receive Humanitarian Award


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Kansas City – Nov 9, 2017


Patrick Kucera, affectionately known as “PK”, received the iChange Nations™ World Civility Award on November 4th, for his humanitarian work in disaster relief and mentoring business owners in the U.S. and in Third World International development. For over a decade, Kansas City businessman, mentor and entrepreneur Patrick PK Kucera, has used innovative leadership skills and emergency response abilities to coordinate with local authorities, business and ministries to organize frontline operations for thousands of families devastated by hurricanes.


The Global International Award event which was held on November 4th in Grand Rapids, Michigan, was hosted by founder and president, Dr. H.E. Clyde Rivers. iChange Nations™ is a professional institution that equips, mentors and trains highly esteemed individuals who have impacted the world with their humanitarian leadership. Former recipients of the iChange Nations™ World Civility Award include former President of Zambia, Kenneth Kuanda and Manoj Shah, former Head of Lions Clubs for the African continent.


One of the greatest challenges in providing disaster relief and restoration is the gridlock that often occurs between local, federal and state agencies, insurance adjustors and restoration contractors. PK has used his unique set of skills to provide a voice of reason in the midst of death and destruction. In dozens of communities, Kucera helped facilitate cooperation, rallied crowds of locals to rebuild lives, reopen businesses and restore schools. Over the last decade, PK assisted ground zero efforts with tornados, floods, fires and for Hurricanes Katrina, Ivan, Ike, Irene and spent months helping in New York, New Jersey, Brownsville and the Gulf Coast.


In the business world, PK is a businessman, mentor, innovator and speaker. His enthusiasm and “entrepreneurial mindset” for individuals and corporations make him a highly sought-after speaker and business advisor both locally and internationally. His inspiring book, The Revival of Revenue will be released in early 2018.


A life-long entrepreneur and minister, PK recently returned home from Houston Texas, where he and his wife, Mari, provided direction, support and contributions to local relief efforts that have provided critically needed food, water and supplies for thousands of families victimized by Hurricane Harvey.


Throughout his life, PK has served people of all ages and backgrounds, given to those who are less fortunate, and has been involved in ministry and business. However, his passion is to touch and change the lives of people. PK states “Life is filled with disasters, both personal and natural. It is important to use our God given talents and resources to help others to restore what has been lost and discover the hope of what lies ahead.” PK is currently exploring running for an elected office in the great State of Kansas.


The iChange Nations™ Global International Golden Rule Honor Event featured several world leaders in attendance. The Global Day of Honor also launched its historic Women of Golden Rule Dialogue feature and concluded with the prestigious Global Golden Rule International Award Night of Honor.


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