Bones Like Snowflakes to Kick Off Tour with Acclaimed Drummer Avinash Ramachandra

LOS ANGELES, Calif. –  The rock band Bones Like Snowflakes will kick off its 2017 tour with new drummer Avinash Ramachandra in October in Los Angeles.

“I’m very excited about joining the band taking part in this upcoming tour,” Ramachandra said. “The most exciting thing of being in a band is going on tour, you get to travel to so many cities and countries together and you’re getting paid to pretty much have fun while making music!”

Although dates for its upcoming shows are still pending, Bones Like Snowflakes will launch its nationwide tour in Los Angeles at The Echo sometime in October.

Known for energetic drumming and work with a slew of bands, most recently the Acid Quartet, Ramachandra brings an energy and playful approach to his work that has earned him a strong following and growing fan base.

“He blew us away at the audition and we knew right away he would do a great job for us.” Joseph said of the band’s new drummer. “We’re very excited to have him on board.”

The band, established in 2010 by Marvin Joseph, is known for its eclectic post-rock sound which features electric guitars and synthesizers in a blend of rock, jazz and reggae into a compelling blend of instrumental sound. The band is made up of Joseph on lead guitar, Marvin Zenarosa on rhythm guitar, Denise Santos on keyboards, Drew Elder on bass and Ramachandra on drums.

Born in Bangalore, India, Ramachandra found a passion for drumming began when he first watched Iron Maiden performing live at the age of 16. It was at that moment that he realized he wanted to play music for life.

 After taking private drumming lessons and going on to join several bands, he graduated with a Bachelor’s in Engineering in Computer Science and decided to seek his fortune in the U.S. where he began studying music at the Musicians Institute in Hollywood. He would go on to perform with bands such as the Acid Quartet, Caleb Mark and others.

“Bones Like Snowflakes is a very unique band. Every song has a certain theme even though they are just instrumental and have no lyrics,” Ramachandra said. “The music has a very weird way of speaking to the audience through sound and visual backgrounds. The whole thing live is just a beautiful audio/visual trip.”

Bones Like Snowflakes is known for its recent album “Winter Quay/Summer Blankets,” as well as its other albums “Second Star to the Right,” and “Silent Movies I,” as well as the EP “Rewriting Icarius.”

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