Backpacking Trip Report: Hemmed in Hollow/ Sneeds Creek Loop

Area: Buffalo River National Forrest

State: Arkansas

Mileage: 7

Days: 1

Type: Loop

This is one of the steepest loops on the river. You reach the trailhead by going to Compton, AR and tuning on the old Compton-Erbie Road. About 1/4 mile down the road there is a cross-roads. Turn right and go about 3/4 mile to the first right and you’ll see the parking area. There are also brown park signs on the Hwy. that say Compton Trailhead.At the parking area there are two trails. The left takes you down to Hemmed in Hollow which is a 300 foot water fall. This part of the loop is 2.6 miles. The trail starts with a gradual descent and comes to a place where the world falls off and you begin a 1200 ft descent in a little under a mile. At the bottom the trail takes you out the the river. After crossing the river the trail goes to the right. Within 1/2 a mile there is a junction. Stay straight and cross the river to one of the most awesome campsites on the river. It’s all sand and is across from a bluff and a huge swimming hole. Taking the left will take you up on top of the bluff and on towards Kyle’s Landing. There is great camping on top as well if you have a free standing tent.

From there you follow the ORT (Old River Trail)across Sneeds Creek and there is another great place to camp for large groups. On past that about 100 to 200 yards the junction for Sneed’s Creek trail heads right. Staying straight on the ORT will take you into Steel Creek Landing. 1/4 mile up the trail is Granny Henderson’s old homestead. There is another junction there. Stay to the right of the house and you’ll be on the Sneed’s Creek Trail. There are some awesome sights to see as you wind back up away from the river. On the trail you will cross Flat Rock. A open field that is one rock probably 100 yards wide and 300 yards long with the creek flowing through it. Passed that there are some small caves and some more old home sights. Waterfalls and just awesome scenery. About 2 miles into this 4.6 mile section you come back up the ridge. This side is about a 1200-1300 foot ascent.

There are plenty of places on this loop to filter water so you don’t have to pack in a lot. Just what you’ll drink on the hike. This loop is a moderate because of the elevation changes and the terrain on the descent into Hemmed-in-Hollow. The trail down to the falls is where most of the rescues are done on the River. So be in shape and expect some rugged terrain.

This is my favorite hike on the Buffalo. The views are great and the river sections are some the best places to fish and swim.

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