Backpacking Trip Report: Big Bluff

Area: Buffalo River

State: Arkansas

Mileage: 5

Days: 2

Type: In and Out

Month: January

This is not a very long hike, but one worth taking. There are also a lot of other trails to link up with to make this a lot longer trip. We parked at the Center Point trail head on this hike. It’s the shortest way down to the bluff. A lot of people make it a day trip but we had some time to kill so we made a couple days of it.

From the trail head the trail remains level with a slight decline. After about 1/2 mile the trail begins to get steeper and follow the old road that went to a home site called Granny Henderson’s. The trail to Big Bluff is well marked and off the the right. There is a large intersection with a large fire ring. This is a great campsite, but there is no water there so be sure to pack in plenty. The Bluff is not far down the trail from here. The bluff is around 350 – 400 foot high so it’s not a great place for small kids. It does go all the way through and there is another campsite on that end too. There are a lot of good pictures to be taken from here and some great views.

From the trail head to the bluff is only about 2 miles.

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