Best Offroading Vehicles

JeepOffroadBeing a girl I am not too into offroading and all that. However I understand that it is a very popular pastime among the male gender in particular and can be a lot of fun. That being said there are some vehicles that are better designed than others for offroading. First of all, there is the Land Rover Range Rover, their MSRP starts at $85,000. It is said that this particular vehicle is among the elite of offroading SUVs. The new 2013 model has shed a lot of weight which helps to improve the fuel economy and helps in making it great for offroading adventures.

Second, there is the Toyota Land Cruiser. Their MSRP starts at $78,000 making them slightly more affordable. Believe it or not, this vehicle has tremendous offroading capabilities. It can literally go anywhere, on any sort of terrain making it a great choice.

Third, there is the Land Rover LR4 which starts with its MSRP at $48,000. This is a much more affordable choice when looking at an SUV. It is great for inclement weather and rugged terrain. The only negative about this vehicle is the very low fuel economy that it receives. Other than that, it is a great choice.

Fourth, there is the Volkswagen Touareg. Their MSRP starts at $43,000. Volkswagen is a great brand and you can never go wrong there. Although it might tend to fly under the radar somewhat when people are looking for offroading vehicles, it has great torque because of its TDI diesel engine. An added benefit is that it gets good fuel economy for an SUV.

Fifth, there is the ever popular Jeep Wrangler. Their MSRP begins at $22,000 so very affordable. I know the few times I have ever been offroading has actually been in a Jeep Wrangler. It did great and we had a good time. It has the ability to go just about anywhere, and I can personally attest to that on some of my adventures with my friend. A great place to look at Wranglers and other Jeep models is at jeep dealer Utah. Not only do they have a great inventory to help select the best vehicle for your needs, but their experience in selling cars will leave you feeling satisfied with your experience with them.

Sixth, something that surprised me was the Nissan Pathfinder. Its MRSP begins at $28,000 making it a very reasonably priced SUV. It is stylish and has good offroad capabilities. The newest model weighs a lot less making it great for offroading.

Seventh, the Ford Explorer has good offroading ability. The Explorer’s MSRP begins at $29,000 so it is just in the middle relating to cost. The newest model has a much improved fuel economy due to the new 4-cylinder eco boost engine. This makes things great for offroading on rocky terrain.

Eighth, we have the Toyota FJ Cruiser. I must admit that this surprised me when I saw it. It’s MSRP begins at $26,000 and is a solid choice for offroading due to its design. Be careful however because visibility lacks. Finally we have the Jeep Grand Cherokee. This jeep begins at $27,000 and is the best choice for offroading. It is designed to virtually handle anything that is thrown in its direction.

Backpacking Trip Report: Cape Alava Beach Trip



Location: Olympic National Park, WAType: In and Out

Mileage: 6
Days: 2
As GoBlueHiker mentioned, Google Earth is a very fun backpacking planner tool! I went bonkers with it, and made some screenshots that show my destination. Ahhh, when nerds go backpacking…;)
On the drive over, I stopped at some beaches west of Port Angeles, to check out the Strait of Juan de Fuca. Nobody has ever explained to me who Juan was, or why he was such a Fuca.Two adult bald eagles flew close over my car on the drive, and I spotted a juvenile bald eagle on a tree branch above a river, 30 feet away, munching on a fish. I stopped & got my camera, but approaching for a good angle I spooked him away & didn’t get the shot. :( Juvenile bald eagles are something to see!

The trailhead is at the northern tip of Lake Ozette, which is very high after weeks of deluges in Washington. Any higher & you’d need scuba gear to start off on the trail.

The Cape Alava Trail is about 3 miles, about 60-70% of which is wooden boardwalks, very slippery when wet!!! Which is pretty much always! I only got complacent & slipped once, keeping one foot on the wood & salvaging a 4.5 from the Russian judge. I marveled at the people that built & maintain this trail. Amazing. Even our off-trail monsters, Tigger & GoBlue, would sink in the muck & brambles in this area.

After stopping to check out some giant shrooms, and an old Scandahoovian homesteader’s meadow, the sun came out (!!!!!!!) so I charged ahead toward the sound of the crashing waves.

I could not believe my luck, as the warm sun poked through the trees, and shined bright off the ocean. A day like this is a rare one, especially this winter. Nearly an entire month of rain – EVERY DAY – in Seattle.

After chatting with my very friendly neighbor, James, who had the good sense to move from Texas to Oregon recently, but not the good sense to bring matches for his stove, I set up camp, and brought my matches over to him & we enjoyed the sunset. We chatted about backpacking gear, long trails, the worthlessness of digital zoom, bats, and of course the supremacy of the Seattle Seahawks, as the sun went down over Ozette Island. This is the life. B-)

It rained a little bit the next morning, but cleared up again, and I had a beautiful drive home. I stopped at Lake Crescent for a quick snapshot…man the drive along that lake is among the prettier drives around.

I stopped by Port Angeles to watch the Seahawks CRUSH the pathetic, flea-bitten Carolina Kitty-Cats (WOOOOOO HOOOO!!!!), then back to the daily grind!

Hope you enjoyed. Until next time…

Backpacking Trip Report: Erbie Loop



Location: Buffalo River
Type: Loop

Mileage: 4
Days: 1

Loop begins at the East end of the campground. It crosses the horse trail in a few places so a map is needed to keep track of where to go. There is a trail that drops down to the river and there are places to camp. From there back track up to the main trial and then continue on the loop. The trail makes an ascent to go along the river. There are several places where the trail intersects with the horse trail and the loop can be extended or shortened depending on the trails taken. The hike passes by some old homesteads. The main one is the Parker-Hickman homestead. The place was taken over by the government when the river became a National Park. On up past the house is an old cemetary dating back to the 1800’s. There’s a lot of history in the area. Also the trail winds through some fields where elk and deer can be seen as you come back into the campground. The trail can easily be done in one day, but we didn’t get there until about 10:30 at night so we packed in and made it a short overnighter. This trail also ties into the Buffalo River Trail that runs almost the length of the river. There are many other loops that can be done in conjunction with this one.

Hiking Safety

With changes in the economy, there are many families and individuals who are looking for fun new ways to enjoy the outdoors and get away from everyday life without having to spend a lot of money in the process. This is one of the reasons why camping and hiking are becoming more and more popular. There are camping sites and hiking trails that can be enjoyed all over the country and people of all ages and fitness levels can find great enjoyment in the outdoors. But no matter what your skill level, it is important to be equipped with the proper gear and tools that you will need to make your camping and hiking adventure a fun and safe experience. This is why hiking safety should be of utmost importance to anyone who is planning a trip in the great outdoors.

While there are many different facets to hiking safety, there are a few things that should always be adhered to when you are on an outdoor adventure. Make sure that you pack a basic first aid kit and know how to use it. Even if you are only taking a short hike, it is better to be prepared than to be left wanting in an emergency. Another important part of camping and hiking safety is to make sure that you have enough water to stay hydrated and take some healthy snacks with you to eat along the way. You may be surprised how far a few hiking safety precautions can go!

Hiking Backpacks

One of the best things about hiking is that it is a great way to enjoy the outdoors and get away from the everyday grind and it doesn’t cost and arm and a leg to do it. In fact, hiking is the type of activity that anyone can participate in, no matter what their fitness level, age, or experience. This is even better news because with today’s economy, more and more people are looking for ways to get out and have fun without having to spend a lot of money in the process.

Whether you are an experienced hiker looking for a new adventure or a casual hiker looking to enjoy the new season, hiking can be done with relatively little equipment. All you really need is a good pair of shoes and a good backpack to carry some water, healthy snacks, and sun protection. When you are hiking, you will soon discover that having the right hiking backpacks is one of your highest priorities. Many people will tell you that having the right hiking backpacks can make the difference between a successful outing and a miserable day. So before you go hiking, make sure that your hiking backpacks are in proper order and that you have shoes that fit properly and will give you the support that you need. Make sure to take plenty of water and carry a map with you so you don’t get lost. You will be glad that you took the time to make sure you have this proper piece of hiking equipment.

Camping Activities

Whether you are new to the world of camping or have been camping all of your life, camping is one of the best ways to have a weekend getaway and to escape from the pressures of everyday life. And with the changing economy, more and more people are turning to camping as a fun and economical way to have fun without breaking the monthly budget. And the great thing about camping is that anyone can do it, no matter what you age or skill level. In fact, there are camping site and camping activities for people of all levels of outdoor knowledge all across the country. But no matter how experienced you are when it comes to camping, it is still important to have the proper camping gear so that your camping activities will be safe, fun, and memorable.

One of the best things about camping activities is that there are so many, each camping trip you take can be a new and exciting adventure. Camping activities can include everything from fishing and hiking to outdoor cooking and card games. No matter what you like to do, camping activities can accommodate any taste. Another important thing to remember, however, is that even though camping activities are fun and enjoyable, you should always take some extra precaution and know what to do in case of an emergency. As part of your camping gear, make sure to include a first aid kit, map, and other emergency essentials. You’ll be glad you did!

Camping Supplies

Anyone who has ever gone camping knows that having the right camping supplies can make the difference between a successful trip and a disastrous outing. In fact, there are some cases when having the right camping supplies has made the difference between safety and emergency! It doesn’t matter if you are a seasoned camper or new to the camping world, acquiring the necessary camping supplies is the first step to having the outdoor adventure of your dreams.

When it comes to new campers, however, you may be somewhat reluctant to invest a lot of money into camping supplies when you are not sure how much you will actually enjoy camping. But this doesn’t have to be a problem! If you want to experience camping without spending money first, try to hit up your friends or family and borrow some of their camping supplies. This gives you a great opportunity to experience what camping is all about and see whether this is really something that you will enjoy in the long run. Then, once you discover how much fun a great camping trip can be, you will be able to choose the right camping supplies for you and know that you’ll have this gear for years to come.

And when you think about camping supplies, remember that it is always important to be prepared for an emergency. Pack a first aid kit, map, and other essentials with your other gear and you can have the peace of mind that comes from knowing you’ll be safe in the event of a problem.

Camping Gear

For people who are new to camping to veteran campers alike, having the right camping gear is the first step towards a successful camping trip. In fact, having appropriate camping gear can make or break a trip! But just because camping gear is necessary to having a successful outdoor adventure doesn’t mean that you have to spend a ton of money to get it. In fact, with today’s economic climate, more and more people are choosing camping as a way to escape daily life without having to break the monthly budget. Camping gear can be found at great prices and because you can use camping gear over and over again, this means you only have a one-time expense; once you invest in quality camping gear, you will practically be set for life!

For anyone who is new to camping and wants to try it out, you may want to consider borrowing camping gear from a friend or family member. This way, you can try out camping and find the kind of camping gear you like without having to spend any money to do it. Then, when you discover how much fun camping can be and learn the type of camping gear you need, you can go out and buy the camping gear that is perfectly suited to you and your needs. Just remember that part of having the right gear for camping is being prepared with a first aid kit, a map, and any other emergency supplies.