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Great Jobs for People Who Like to Travel

Grace Hotel MykonosThere are some people who would never be content staying in one place. Since it is not practical to be moving all the time, these folks fulfill their wanderlust with traveling. Unfortunately, they have to save up money and vacation time to be able to hit the road.

With the economy and the cost of gasoline, it is getting more difficult to do a lot of traveling. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to fly to exotic destinations and get paid for doing it? That is why many people who love to travel have decided to train for aviation jobs. They can travel the world and see the sites of their dreams as a career.

The most obvious aviation job is being either a private or commercial pilot. With the proper training and certifications, people can fly planes, jets, or helicopters to transport supplies or passengers. How exciting to be able to fly all over the globe and not have to worry about buying tickets or using vacation time.

Those who choose to be private pilots are able to set their own schedule and itineraries. They often own their own planes. Commercial pilots usually have set schedules and a routine flying route. Since piloting an aircraft takes a lot of complicated training, excellent health and strong nerves, it is not a profession for everyone.

The good news is that there are several other career opportunities in the aviation field that allows for a lot of travel. People who have experience in the hospitality industry may be interested in training to be a flight attendant. These professionals serve the passengers while helping to maintain order and safety in the cabin. Flight attendants often have layovers between flights and are able to spend some time in the various places they land.

Threats of terrorism have resulted in steep security upgrades in airports, planes, jets. So, being an air marshal is a career that is booming. Air marshals provide security throughout the flight so the passengers arrive safely. They have the same type of training and experience that police officers have, tailored to the inside of a plane. Most of the time, they are just calming down inebriated or obnoxious passengers. Being an air marshal is a good choice for people who are interested in security work and traveling.

True, it can be difficult for people who work in the aviation field and have families at home. Many employers offer their employees steep discounts for traveling families, or even free air travel. There is no worry about waiting for vacation time or saving up for the tickets. For those who enjoy being jet set and seeing the world, having a career in aviation would be a true walk in the clouds.