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Best Offroading Vehicles

JeepOffroadBeing a girl I am not too into offroading and all that. However I understand that it is a very popular pastime among the male gender in particular and can be a lot of fun. That being said there are some vehicles that are better designed than others for offroading. First of all, there is the Land Rover Range Rover, their MSRP starts at $85,000. It is said that this particular vehicle is among the elite of offroading SUVs. The new 2013 model has shed a lot of weight which helps to improve the fuel economy and helps in making it great for offroading adventures.

Second, there is the Toyota Land Cruiser. Their MSRP starts at $78,000 making them slightly more affordable. Believe it or not, this vehicle has tremendous offroading capabilities. It can literally go anywhere, on any sort of terrain making it a great choice.

Third, there is the Land Rover LR4 which starts with its MSRP at $48,000. This is a much more affordable choice when looking at an SUV. It is great for inclement weather and rugged terrain. The only negative about this vehicle is the very low fuel economy that it receives. Other than that, it is a great choice.

Fourth, there is the Volkswagen Touareg. Their MSRP starts at $43,000. Volkswagen is a great brand and you can never go wrong there. Although it might tend to fly under the radar somewhat when people are looking for offroading vehicles, it has great torque because of its TDI diesel engine. An added benefit is that it gets good fuel economy for an SUV.

Fifth, there is the ever popular Jeep Wrangler. Their MSRP begins at $22,000 so very affordable. I know the few times I have ever been offroading has actually been in a Jeep Wrangler. It did great and we had a good time. It has the ability to go just about anywhere, and I can personally attest to that on some of my adventures with my friend. A great place to look at Wranglers and other Jeep models is at jeep dealer Utah. Not only do they have a great inventory to help select the best vehicle for your needs, but their experience in selling cars will leave you feeling satisfied with your experience with them.

Sixth, something that surprised me was the Nissan Pathfinder. Its MRSP begins at $28,000 making it a very reasonably priced SUV. It is stylish and has good offroad capabilities. The newest model weighs a lot less making it great for offroading.

Seventh, the Ford Explorer has good offroading ability. The Explorer’s MSRP begins at $29,000 so it is just in the middle relating to cost. The newest model has a much improved fuel economy due to the new 4-cylinder eco boost engine. This makes things great for offroading on rocky terrain.

Eighth, we have the Toyota FJ Cruiser. I must admit that this surprised me when I saw it. It’s MSRP begins at $26,000 and is a solid choice for offroading due to its design. Be careful however because visibility lacks. Finally we have the Jeep Grand Cherokee. This jeep begins at $27,000 and is the best choice for offroading. It is designed to virtually handle anything that is thrown in its direction.